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Ace Bunny Turbo Go-kart Race

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Ace Bunny Turbo Go-kart Race

Rabbit Go-Kart results quickly. Help him to pass ditches and other obstacles !!


Welcome to the go-kart racing on the islands of rabbit-earth !!

Rabbit loves karting.Turbo Go-Kart helps rabbit to collect carrots and watercress.

Race fast and free to gather food for the rabbit, but watch out for the obstacles!!! Cacti and ditches can take your rabbit down.

A fun filled kart racing game !!

Game featues:

— Stunning graphics
— 9 challenging levels of the game for extra fun
— Cool soundtrack
— Share game with friends

​Goolge Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lancerwonders.bunnytuneskart

Web Site : http://www.lancerwonders.com/

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