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Pink Princess Farm Villa

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Pink Princess Farm Villa

Pink Princess Farm Villa is a cute little game!!! Agriculture.


Dig the ground Farm, vegetable seeds and fruit. Grow faster and give water to the seed. Harvest ripe crops and adopt new and healthy vegetables.
This game is found that children are more, how to grow the plant and that care should be taken in the farm?.. it will also help take care of their green and beautiful farm.
After harvest, farmer takes fruits and vegetables.
Pink Princess Farm Villa is full of fun and wit, at that smile and happiness with the kids faces.
Play and enjoy the game with the Grow the seeds, pick fruit and sell fruit.
kids like games that like to play in the laundry, make-up and the little doctor game. Download today and grow the seed and to harvest.
1. Start digging and
2. Grow the seeds in place of digging
3. Watering the seed to grow
4. harvest ripe crops


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